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 Your Source for Hand-woven Ethnic Doll Cloth that fit American Girlp;   
 and other beautiful fair trade products from Guatemala
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Terra Experience Home: Hand-woven Ethnic Doll Clothes that fit American Girl and other 18" Dolls
Doll Clothes and Accessories

18" Hand-woven Guatemalan
Doll Clothes fit American Girl Doll

Visit Guatemalan Market with your Doll

Doll Hats 

Fun Doll Hammocks 

Doll Bedspreads
(also Table Runners)

Nicaragua Dresses
 from Chica Nica


Huipiles and Textiles

Huipils & Textiles

Tzute - Carrying Cloths (also good table cloths & runners)


Cortes & Skirt Material


Morrales & More for Boy & Men


Gifts and Accessories

Beautiful Silver

Natural Dye Scarves!!!

Maya Tradition Bags 

Todos Santos Bags

Glass Bead Bracelets

Velvet Purses

Silky Scarves

Beautiful Scarves in a Rainbow of Colors

Books,Art, Paintings and ...

Anderson_Marilyn_Maya_Arts_and_Crafts_of_Guatemala.jpg (22991 bytes)
Over 50 Children's' Books

Many Paintings!

 New Folk Tapestries

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 Beautiful Santos!!

33f4.JPG (48031 bytes)
Small Traditional Looms!


Praying for Peace on Earth and Understanding between all People.

 to Fair Trade & Environmental Responsibility
guatemala, map of country.JPG (13007 bytes)
Guatemala Villages
backstra.jpg (108766 bytes) 
Mayan Weaving
For information on how to size huipils click here

Event Calendar

 to Help

Fair Trade Friends
Check out Nov
29 Capital Times

Buy Fair Trade Gifts, Coffee and Chocolate Every Day in Madison -
  Click Here for Locations
  • Our specialty: ethnic doll clothes that fit American Girl and other 16", 18" and 23" dolls, hand-woven in South and Central America.

  • Our goal:  to give kids (of all ages) the chance to experience other cultures while playing with the dolls and toys they love.

  • We strive to support sustainable development, fair trade, local artisans,  their communities and environment

Check out our web site or come visit our retail outlet:

Stonyt Hill Antiques & Gallery.JPG (8205 bytes)


Stony Hill Antiques and Gallery

2140 Regent Street, Madison, WI 53726
Open: Wednesday - Saturday (11am – 5pm)

How to Contact Us      Lynn                    

        (608)849-8720             (if you want to order off web or have a question -  Lynn & Terra Experience web sales)

        (608)231-1247             (if you are interested in visiting the shop - Dave & Stony Hill Antiques & Gallery, my husbands
                                          eclectic shop with lots of textiles, paintings, books... and a corner full of Terra Experience products)

    Shop and postal address
2140 Regent St., Madison, WI 53726
    Electronic mail
Information, Sales and Web Comments: 


Please Note:  We try to charge our customers the actual cost of mailing or less.  Our shopping cart automatically adds a  1 pound priority mailing charge from Madison Wisconsin (53726) to your zip code (generally  around $6.20). If you buy books or other things that are heavy we may contact you to request payment for additional mailing costs.  We do ship overseas based on actual mailing cost.  For more information

  You can click on this icon to securely pay for Terra Experience's Guatemalan products and extra postage

Santa Catarina Palopo 2f56.JPG (60696 bytes) Chajul Guatemala 18' Ethnic Doll Clothes that fit American Girl Dolls such as Josefina

Todos Santos  


Santa Catarina Palopo  


San Juan  Sacatapequez  

Santiago Atitlan  



b2f.JPG (41588 bytes)

Just a few of Terra Experience쯳pan>  doll hand-woven outfits and the the weavers and artisans that make them in Guatemala.
Also Chica Nica Doll Dresses  Hand-made in Nicaragua
2322.JPG (37159 bytes) 2326.JPG (43041 bytes) Dutch Dress 34c4.JPG (31371 bytes) 22d3.JPG (32924 bytes)
Traditional Coastal First Communion
 or Bridal
Fiesta Many other Styles that fit Bitty Baby,  American Girl Dolls & many other 18" Dolls
Click on the pictures or dress names to order and see more pictures.

Note we are not associated with the Pleasant Companyﳵp>, maker of American Girl Dolls™.



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