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 Your Source for Hand-woven Ethnic Doll Cloth that fit American Girl�    
 and other beautiful fair trade products from Guatemala
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Doll Clothes:  Santiago Atitlan (Tzutuil)
Each piece is hand-made and unique. Colors and styles will be similar to those pictured, but not identical unless indicated as "one of a kind"

Maria's oll Outfits

Maya Tradtions
Doll Outfits

145b.JPG (85078 bytes)
skirt Material

Maya Tradition Dolls

Cummins, Ronnie and Rose Welch (photo)_Children of the World, Guatemala.jpg (80202 bytes)

Doll Outfits



  santiago atitlan - Girl from Guatemala.JPG (22539 bytes)The Artisans and Pueblo

Santiago Atitlan Doll Traje (outfits) - See below for some of the doll-sized traje  (outfits) we have available from Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.  Each outfit includes a huipil (blouse), corte (skirt) and belt.  These are designed for the 18" doll, but we may have a few others available that would fit a somewhat smaller or larger doll (please inquire).
Item #  DC-T-SA
     Click on Pictures for more detail         arrows3.jpg (13778 bytes)          

Cummins, Ronnie and Rose Welch (photo)_Children of the World, Guatemala.jpg (80202 bytes)
is the "girl" written about in the book "Children of the World Guatemala".  It tells the story of being a girl in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Its now over 18 years later, and Maria  is now a mother and a wonderful weaver who makes these 18"  doll huipils as well as  beautiful
Santiago Atitlan huipils for women. 

Each doll outfit includes 3 pieces:
 a hand-woven huipil, traditional red jaspe skirt and belt.

Maria,son, brother and Father, 2002

Maria, son, daughter, younger son, and, husband, 2014
   Each outfit made by Maria  and is  "one of a kind". Ie. we have one of each of Maria's outfits pictured below.  Each outfit is 3 pieces (huipil, skirt and belt). They come in shades of light blue or  lavender. You can pick the one you want by clicking on the shopping cart below the picture.  $36.00 to $37.50      Item #  DC18_T_SA_M

Maria's family in 2010

 Blue  - E  $36.00 *

 Blue  - F  $36.00 *

 Blue  - G  $36.00 *

 Blue  - B  $36.00


Maria's Mom weaves the cloth for the doll hupils on a back-strap loom.  Maria hand embroiders the beautiful birds and flowers on the huipils.

Blue  - L  $36.00 *  

 Blue  - 15A  $36.00

Blue  - 15B  $36.00

 Blue  - 15C  $36.00 *

To order the book
about Maria

when she was a child

Blue  - 15D  $36.00

Blue  - 15E  $36.00

White  - 15A  $37.50

White  - 15B  $37.50

White  - 15C  $37.50

White  - 15D  $37.50

White  - 15E  $37.50

White  - 15F  $37.50

White  - 15G  $37.50


White  - 15H  $37.50

White  - 15i  $37.50

White  - 15J  $37.50

White  - 15K  $37.50


White  - 15L  $37.50

New son meets Josefina in 2011

 Lavender  - U  $36.00 *

 Lavender  - W  $36.00 ? status

 Lavender - M $36.00 *

Maria and her doll huipils, 2013


Josefina enjoy's wearing her new lavendar huipil on boat trip home across Lake Atitlan. 2013

Josefina wore a white huipil on another boat ride. She loves the ride across Lake Atitlan to Santiago Atitlan. 

We will have videos soon!
Other pictures of the family.

Tejidos de Lago 

These fun 18" outfits from Santiago Atitlan are made by the Ratzan Family of the Tejidos de Lago. Each outfit includes a hand-woven hupil with colorful crocheted flowers decorations.  The white and lavender stripes in the huipil are proportionally perfect for the doll.  Also included are a skirt and belt


T1 - 3p Outfit*


T1 Huipil only - $18



Tejidos de Lago

T2 - 3p Outfit *

T2 - Huipil only - $18



T3 - 3p Outfit - $28


T3 Huipil only - $18




Maya Traditions -
These fun Santiago Atitlan doll huipils have birds and flowers designs hand-woven into their cloth.  They are "easy on, easy off - open up the back" which make them a good option for a younger girl, or if you have a doll that is slightly different sized from American Girl Doll. The huipils were made by weavers associated with Maya Traditions (a member of the Fair Trade Federation).  The skirts were made by Terra Experience artisans with elastic waist that fit 18" Doll.  You can buy the Maya Traditions 8" and 15" dolls    with these outfits too.

MT1 - 3p Outfit

MT1 Huipil only - $15



santiago atitlan, doll clothes market scene.JPG (31153 bytes)

Concepccion's Family

Concepecion Coche & Family -

and her mother-in-law made most of Terra Experience's  Santiago Atitlan doll Santiago_Atitlan_traje_with_birds_(23).jpg (23904 bytes)huipils from 2003 through 2008.  I have asked Concepcion to make more, but she has been unable to do so. Hopefully she will in the future.

C1 3p Outfit - $30


C2 3p Outfit - $30



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