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Options to Help:    
Over the years many of Terra Experience's customers have asked how they can help Mayan Artisans.   One of the best ways is to "Buy their beautiful hand-made fair trade products".   The other way is to support the many nonprofit and less formal groups  working in various ways to try to do something positive in Guatemala and Central America.

The table below lists some of the nonprofit groups that Terra Experience has networked with and provided some financial support to over the years.  Those listed below have an ongoing, on the ground presence in Guatemala (we are only able to visit for several weeks each year).  These groups help with education and scholarships, healthcare, women's and community groups, libraries, environmental and natural resources protection, ...etc.   Things I look for when choosing groups and non-profits to support financially in Guatemala:

  • Give youth education high importance;
  • Listen to and work with artisans to increase individual and community capability and self reliance (not just provide handouts);
  • Provide services in the areas that Terra Experience artisans live;
  • Provide services without regard to religious beliefs;
  • Follow Fair Trade Principles, as applicable;
  • With artisans periodically evaluate results of efforts and adjust programs accordingly.

Some organizations and groups have established, long-term programs that have documented track records and accomplishments.  Some have formally incorporated and have options for making tax-deductible donations in the USA.  Many do not.  Some are individuals, schools, classes, churches, communities, hospital groups, and organizations that have "adopted" or developed a "sister-city" or "sister-school" relationship with a similar group in Guatemala or Nicaragua. 

We hope you will will consider donating to some of these groups or using them as model for what you or your group can do to help in Guatemala and elsewhere.   If you have questions, suggestions for additions or comments please contact Lynn at Lynn@terraexperience.com 

Some Non-Profit Organizations that Terra Experience has networked with and  supported in some way.

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Education Health & Nutrition

Fair Trade

Women's Issues Cultural Traditions Environ. & Natural Resources Human Rights Artisan & Community Dev. Micro-finance Tours & (Volunteer Options)
Maya Traditions Foundations - x x


  x     x   t, v
Maya Works

x   X         x x t
Mayan Hands

x   X         x   t
Foundations for Education
X   x         x    
Behrhorst Partners for Development   X   x   x       t
Mayan Families
X x   x       x x v
Pueblo to Pueblo
x x   x   x   x   v



Friends of the Ixchel Museum     x   X          






Working in other or multiple countries
Maya Educational Foundation X       x          
WNP - Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners                 x

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WCCN -                


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Things we look for when choosing groups and non-profits to support financially in Guatemala and Central America

  • Youth education given high importance
  • Listen, increase individual and community capability and self reliance (not just provide handouts)
  • When possible, provide services in the areas that Terra Experience artisans live
  • Provide services without regard to religious beliefs.
  • Follow Fair Trade Principles, as applicable
  • Periodically evaluate results of efforts



We strive to support sustainable development, fair trade, local artisans,  their communities and environment.


Education and Scholarships

Foundations for Education




Foundations for Education (501c3) provides 155 scholarships for rural Maya students, from 9th grade-University, supports community projects and provides school materials for rural schools and teachers working with Bilingual Maya Education.. Students are required to do community projects to stay in the program as the goal is to form leaders in their villages. They have a 100% success rate with their graduates working in their professions. All donations are tax-deductible. The web site is: http://foundations4education.org/  and the email is: camay@conexion.com.gt .  They have a newsletter that provides great information about the program. 
Maya Traditions
Maya Traditions is a fair-trade wholesaler that works with 4 groups of women in different villages in Guatemala. Terra Experience sells Maya Traditions 16" Fair Trade Dolls and doll outfits to help support their efforts. They have instituted a scholarship program to pay the cost of room and board in the city and some expenses for all the children of the women in their groups who qualify. Today, they are sending more than fifty kids to school. Maya Traditions has formed a nonprofit in Guatemala called Fundación Tradiciónes Mayas for their scholarship and other nonprofit projects  You can donate to them via their US partners "Maya Educational Foundation" to make a tax deductible donation in the US. Tax deductible donations can be made out to
Maya Educational Foundation/ FTM
Route 106, P.O. Box 38
South Woodstock, VT 05071-0038, USA
Colegio Maya -- Sandra's Adopted Elementary  School in Guatemala


You can donate a dollar (or multiple dollars) by clicking on this Paypal logo. 
100% goes to the school - 
Terra Experience covers all overhead  

Sandra is a friend of mine who originally was from Guatemala and has lived for many years in Madison, WI.  She has informally adopted an elementary school  "Colegio Maya" in a small aldea outside Cantel Quetzaltengo and a nursing home in Mazatenango.   Sandra works with her friends (including Terra Experience) to get school supplies, books, building materials to the 104 students in the school and basic clothes and supplies to the nursing home.  This coming year her major "project" (in addition to school supplies) is to build a kitchen for the school.   Click here to see some pictures of the school.    This is one of those informal projects is not tax deductible - but will go to a good purpose. If you are interested in helping, contact Lynn@terraexperience.com 


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