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Beautiful Guatemalan Scarves
Hand-made by Mayan womens groups in San Antonio Palopo on a floor loom. 

Size Scroll Down to see some of the different scarf options we have and click on the pictures o get to the scarf page were you can see and buy those scarves.      arrows3.jpg (13778 bytes)   They make a wonderful gifts for friends or yourself
8" x 52"



"Silky" Rayon  & mixed Rayon/Cotton 52" x 8" Scarves
with beautiful fringed ends


11" x 50"


 Colorful 50" x 11" Cotton Scarves
 with simple fringed ends


14" x 66"

 Long 66" x 14" Colorful Cotton Scarves
 with nicely finished ends


Approx 20" x 68"

 Beautiful Large Guatemalan Wraps/Scarves/Runners



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