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"Imagine" and  "Travel" with Your Favorite Doll to the Mayan World of Guatemala

 Have fun, learn new stories and meet new friends.

These outfits are designed to fit 18 inch dolls such as American Girl  Doll.  Each outfit includes:

  1. Huipil (blouse);  Corte (skirt) and Faja (simple belt or sash). 

The huipils (blouses) are primarily hand-woven to size on a back-strap loom or pieced together from older hand-woven huipils. As traditional, the skirt material is generally made on a treadle loom.  We guarantee satisfaction1*.   Jewelry and other accessories can be purchased separately.  Each piece is hand-made.  Thus colors, size and designs will vary.  The pictures indicate the type of items we carry and we try to keep them up to date, but our stock is always changing. If you have questions, please contact us at lynn@terraexperience.com. If you would like, we can confirm that we have the item pictured in stock or send you a scan of other options we do have.  
The outfits look great on Hispanic Dolls such as Josefina or other 18" Dolls.
 FAQ:    Where Can I find a 16 or 18" Multicultural or Ethnic Doll that fits Terra Experience Doll Clothes?  Answer

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Guatemala Village --- Description of Outfit Price    

Product #


Chajul 18" Doll Outfit  ---    The weavings are colorful and usually include birds, horses, butterflies, or other animals patterns woven into the fabric.  The These doll huipils are made women in a small village in the Chajul area to help pay for their schools and children's educations.

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Chichicastenango 18" Doll Outfit  ---  Chichicastenango's (or Chichi's) weavings are well known because of its major biweekly market that attracts people from around the world.  The weavings are colorful and usually include geometric patterns woven into the fabric.  The Maya Tradition's designed huipil is woven by a women's group specifically for dolls.

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Coban 18" Doll Outfit  ---  The "Huipil" or blouse was made for a small Mayan baby in the Coban area of Guatemala. The cloth is commercially made and suits Coban’s warm humid weather. The neck opening and armholes are hand-embroidered with row of small design geometric and floral elements in a variety of colors. The Huipil is worn with a skirt made of treadle-loomed cloth.

b2f.JPG (41588 bytes)

3 Piece Outfit

(Huipil, Skirt & Belt)
$25.00 (A)



  Nahuala or Santa Catarina Ixahuacan 18" Doll Outfit --- the huipils from these neighboring pueblos are hand-woven on a back-strap loom by weavers specifically for an 18" doll. The design fo16bf.JPG (58367 bytes)r this distinctive huipil comes in red, burgundy, or purple and is brocaded into the weave.   The skirt is most often a dark blue morga with a randa (colorful stitched seam). Many of the huipils are made by a woman's group that works with Maya Traditions.
$30.00 (B)

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Patzun 18" Doll Outfit ---  the huipil is usually a shade of red and is hand-woven on a back strap loom often with small vertical stripes.  Around the neck opening are colorful flowers and "feather" designs that are beautifully hand-embroidered.    

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Panajachel 18" Doll Outfit ---  beautiful traditional designs of Quetzels, stalks of corn (maize) and cats are brocaded (woven) into the design of these Panajachel Doll Huipils.  These are woven on a backstrap loom specifically for your doll.  The skirt is most often a dark blue morga. We use various  sashes for the belt. Carmen, the weaver is shown at right.

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San Antonio Aguas Caliente 18" Doll Outfit --- This village is considered to have some of the finest weavers in Guatemala.  Its huipil has designs woven or brocaded into the fabric.  Some have zigzag designs, other flowers and other designs.  The skirts are  treadle-loomed with many colors and jaspe design. 

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33f3.JPG (47069 bytes)

San Antonio Palopo 18" Doll Outfit --- the huipil is tightly woven with red, green and blue stripes with a navy morga.  The colorful sash belt is traditional.

San Antonio Palopo
3 Piece Outfit

(Huipil, Skirt & Belt)

$28.00 (A)

San Juan La Laguna 18" Doll Outfit --- the huipil is red with a colorful embroidered neck.  The skirt is usually a dark blue or black.  

Josefa and her grown daughters make Terra Experience's 18" Doll Outfits from San Juan La Laguna.


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San Juan and San Raimundo Sacatepeque 18" Doll Outfit --- These neighboring pueblos speak Cakchiquel and have strong bold colors and designs on their huipils. Favorite shades include contrasting colors of yellow/gold and purple/violet. The traditional skirts is a black and white corte woven on a foot or treadle loom. We now have two styles of handwoven doll outfits made especially for Terra Experience  

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San Pedro Sacatapequez ---

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Santa Catarina Palopo 18" Doll Outfit ---  hand-woven on a back-strap loom, these huipils come in beautiful shades of blue, turquoise and greens.   Be sure to check out the picture of the women who wove many of these huipils. The blue skirt contains ikat designs. More  pictures and options


fac.JPG (40345 bytes)

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Santiago Atitlan 18" Doll Outfit --- We have a wonderful variety of these huipils. They have hand-embroidered birds and flowers on the back-strap loomed material. The material is usually usually white or light blue.   The skirt is often red with an jaspe (ikat) design. 


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  Solola 18" Traditional Doll Outfit --- Finely hand-woven and embroidered by woman's group in Solola, Guatemala. This is a very authentic  outfit designed by Maya Traditions. Solola is one of the few villages that have blouses with sleeves. The skirt is a wrap-around of the older traditional black and white "morga" skirt. The belt is woven to scale.  3 Piece Solola Outfit
 (Huipil, Skirt & Belt)

$28.00 (B)


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Todos Santos Doll Outfit --- pieced from an older huipils these blouses generally come in various combinations of pink, red and blue with a fine weave.   The skirt is usually a blue morga.  Click on the picture to see examples of other weavings done in the village 
  3 Piece
Todo Santos Outfi
 (Huipil, Skirt & Belt) 



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Our Guarantee: We want you to be completely satisfied with our products.   If you are not, notify us within 30 days and return the item.  Depending on your choice we will refund your money (minus original cost of shipping) or give you a credit on another item.

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