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Useful Links and References on Mayan Textiles and Culture

These are some of our favorite links to information on  Mayan textiles and culture today.

Non-Commercial Links on Guatemala Textiles:

Museo Ixchel del Traje Indígena:  A wonderful museum in Guatemala City dedicated to the study and conservation of the country´s Mayan weavings.  Many of the textile books Terra Experience sells are published by this privately funded, nonprofit museum.

The Guatemalan Indian Centre: London, United Kingdom (info on textiles and much more)

Maya Adventure: TheTextile Art of Chiapas Maya  University of Minnesota Science Museum

Backstrap Weaving in Jacaltenango, Guatemala Carol Ventura, Tennessee Technological University.

The Fabric of Mayan Life An Exhibit of Textiles: The Pitzer Collection of Mayan textiles at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History 

Mayan Textiles From the Raymond E. Senuk Collection and Exhibition at Angel Mounds State Park: University of Southern Indiana Evansville, IN 47712-3596

Los Colores de Guatemala: A Collector's Journey  Texas Memorial Museum at UT Austin

Guatemala Textile Collections: MARI The Middle American Research Institute of Tulane University (located in New Orleans - not available)

Woven Voices: Textile Traditions of the Highland Maya The Mesoamerican Textile Seminar Florida State University, Department of Anthropology

Weaving the Texture of the ComosAllen J. Christenson
Brigham Young University

Other Mayan Cultural Information:

Yax Te' Books is the materials publishing and distribution arm of the K'inal Winik Cultural Center at Cleveland State University, an institutional unit devoted to education about the Maya and to international exchange with Maya communities.

Other Fair Trade Suppliers of Guatemalan and Mayan Products & Information:

Marilyn Anderson - Pro Arte Maya - A friend with beautiful pictures and great  information.

Fair Trade Quilts - Wonderful hand-made quilts from Guatemala and elsewhere.

Mayan Traditions   -  Sells a wide variety of Guatemalan Crafts including ceramics.

Commercial Links with Excellent Information & Beautiful things:

Arte Maya Tz'utuhil Gallery - Guatemalan art and paintings

Nimpot - A virtual museum of textile information

Stony Hill Gallery - Many Guatemala Quality Items.


Links for K-12 Teachers (coming soon)

Links to information about some regions of Guatemala (coming soon)

Books and References

Has moved to  Books on Textiles  These pages include books and references we have found useful on Mayan culture and textiles. Many we sell. Others you may want to check out at your library.  If you want to purchase a book we have on our reference list, we may have a spare copy or may be able to help you find a copy through other sources.  Many libraries also have access to copies through interlibrary loan. 

We are still developing this page.  If you have a link or would like to suggest a link please contact us at   lynn@terraexperience.com Also let us know about any broken links.

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