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A family from Guatemala

 Julie Waterlow

Price: $15.00
(New hardback book, library binding)

Description:        This is an easy read with lots of pictures that describes the everyday life of a family from San Antonio Palopo.  You learn that in 1998 the annual income for the Calabay family of 5, is $994 and they are always working. You learn about the family, their home, what they eat, the many ways they work, and their children's school and play.  The book is part of a series on the socio-economic conditions of families in different countries.  Some of the cultural and political context of Guatemala is missing, but it is an excellent introduction for children to how every-day families in Guatemala highlands live.

Age:                4 to 9  (with lots of good pictures and information that even an adult can enjoy)

Key words       Guatemala; Culture and traditions; juvenile literature; Mayan; San Antonio Palopo, Solola, Guatemala; Lake Atitlan, Weaving; Huipils; Family; Social life and customs;     


 A Family from Guatemala: Families Around the World,   Julia Waterlow, Raintree Steckk-Vaughn, Austin Texas (1998)   14 oz

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