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Angela Weaves a Dream: 

the Story of a Young Mayan Artist

 Michele Sola (text) and Jeffrey Jay Foxx (photographs)

Terra Experience  Price: $25.00

Description:        If you choose one book to accompany a  purchase of ethnic Mayan doll clothes, I'd recommend this one.  

Quoting from the dust-cover "This story and others of the Maya culture, passed from generation to generation, are also portrayed through the artistry and vision of the people's grand weaving tradition.  In villages in the Chiapas mountains of southern Mexico, the women and girls card and spin cotton and wool, then dye and weave cloth on their handmade looms.  Angela Weave a Dream presents a portrait of this art through the eyes and hands of a young Maya girl.  

Under her grandmother's guidance and care, Angela tirelessly practices the seven sacred designs that will help her "tell" her story.  Each night visions of the stories of her ancestors and their world intertwine themselves within her dreams.  She prays for the perfect design that will not only demonstrate her technical ability but also express her connection to and understanding of her people and their spiritual heritage."

Age:                   8 - 13 

Condition:      New, hardback

Key words       Mayas, Social life and customs, Juvenile literature, Indians, Mexico, Weaving, Textile fabrics, Juvenile Literature


 Angela Weaves a Dream: the Story of a Young Mayan Artist, Michele Sola (text) and Jeffrey Jay Foxx (photographs), Hyperion New York, NY., 47 pp. (1997)


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