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Orozco, Jose-Luis and Elisa Kleven (Illus)_De Clores and OTher Latin-American Folk Songs for Children.JPG (98658 bytes)

De Colores and Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children

Jose-Luis Orozco and Elisa Kleven, illustrator


 Price: $16.99 

Description:       A wonderfully illustrated book of Latin American children's song's chants and rhymes.  The songs are in Spanish with English translations.  I have heard my friends from Guatemala and Mexico begin to recite "El Chocolate" as they talk about making and drinking chocolate. Many mothers  repeat "Sana Sana" as they rub a hurt and comfort a small child."  And at Christmas and birthday's the "La Pinata" song becomes a favored chant.  The book includes simple musical arrangements for piano, voice and guitar.  There are also short descriptions of how the song is used in every-day life and again, wonderful illustrations by Elisa Kleven.      

Age:                   5 - adult

Key words       Latin American, music, songs, rhymes, children, Juvenile Literature


 De Colores and Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children; Jose-Luis Orozco and Elisa Kleven, illustrator; Dutton Children's Books, NY, NY, 56 pp (1994)

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