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A Visit to Candelaria's House in Santa Catarina Palopo, Guatemala
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1e64.JPG (39354 bytes)

Candelaria offered to take Vanessa (my doll) and me to visit her village, Santa Catarina Palopo and her family's home.  Canderaria, her younger brother, Vanessa and I walked up the long narrow path to her house   1e30.JPG (28383 bytes)
Guarding the house was "Perito", her family's dog.  He liked to find the sunniest spot to hang out.

1e44.JPG (39143 bytes)

Her house is made of adobe brick.  It has three rooms that open out into a open patio.

1e4a.JPG (38869 bytes)

The kitchen has a wood table covered with a beautiful hand-woven tzute (cloth) and a basket full of tortillas. 

We meet Candelaria's older sister who is weaving a new huipil (blouse) and her Abuela (Grandmother).  

1e3d.JPG (38661 bytes)

Candelaria also has 3 brothers. Two are home today. Like other boys from the town, they wear blue jeans and t-shirts.  

1e3e.JPG (36316 bytes)

During special fiestas they may wear traditional Mayan hand-woven shirts and pants.

1e1c.JPG (40383 bytes)

The kitchen stove works great. It burns wood and usually has a pot going.  The kitchen cabinet has a good supply of pots and pans.

1e32.JPG (39730 bytes)

The family has running water.

The all-purpose sink is outside in the patio.  Its used for washing hands, dishes, clothes, and watering the chickens.


1e45.JPG (45418 bytes)

1e31.JPG (39481 bytes)

1e47.JPG (44913 bytes)

Near the sink is a small hut.  Candelaria's brother explains that the hut is a sweat house that the family uses instead of a shower.  Its reminds me of a Scandinavian Sauna. 
The bags in front of the hut are filled with corn


1e49.JPG (38046 bytes) 

Mayan's call themselves the people of Maize (corn).  Candelaria's brothers help grow the corn in the family's small milpa (farm plot). The milpa is located high on the steep hills (see picture on right).  Its a long walk when you carry the harvest home.

1e43.JPG (33107 bytes)

In another room of the house, Abuela removes kernels from the corn cobs. This room also serves as a bedroom  

 The corn is stored in a very modern small metal  silo you can see outside the window. 


1e1b.JPG (43507 bytes)

1e48.JPG (25929 bytes)

When its time to make the corn into tortillas, Abuela and the girls will grind the corn on the molino (grinding stone).  

. .

1e20.JPG (41315 bytes)

We pause for a formal picture of the family outside the house. The family speaks Kaqchikel, Mayan together.  Candelaria's Abuela doesn't speak Spanish, so we communicate with the universal language of smiles and fun.

1e22.JPG (45111 bytes)

1e3b.JPG (43146 bytes)

1e1e.JPG (43796 bytes).


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