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Guatemala Hurricane Stan 2005 Floods
Info & Ways to Help ---

Like many of you we are sitting in our home (for us in Madison, WI) worrying about our friends in Guatemala and figuring out what we can do to help.  We are trying to contact our friends and check with groups to find news and what they are doing to help & what help they need.  This is some of what we have learned and what we are doing in Madison, WI  (you can scroll down or click directly on: 


Reuters News --- http://www.alertnet.org/db/cp/guatemala.htm Reuters Foundation - Alerts humanitarians to emergencies.  The article "Aid Tipsheet: Aid experts debunk post-disaster myths" provides some useful insights for those of us wishing to help http://www.alertnet.org/thefacts/reliefresources/112904062889.htm

BBC --- http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4327546.stm Thoughts in the flood-hit Guatemalan tourist town of Panajachel, on the shores of Lake Atitlan, are turning to the future.

Democrary Now --- http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=05/10/11/1453224   A live broadcast with pictures and information on options to help, available on the web.

http://www.atitlan.com  Web site devoted to Lake Atitlan Area, developed for area tourism, good information on flood and some way to help. "Travel Guatemala and visit Lake Atitlan, famous for is natural beauty and colorful Mayan villages. Atitlan.com is both a guide to hotels and a travel magazine about ...the most beautiful lake in the world! The Hurricane Stan Flood Do you want to help? Please Visit"

http://www.guatemalapost.com World news compilation of recent articles on Guatemala‎ ‎and area. 

Prensa Libre ---http://www.prensalibre.com/pl/2005/octubre/19/125900.html   Guatemala newspaper (in Spanish). While initial focus was on Lake Atitlan (near tourist center) 953 communities were affected in 14 different Departments (like US states). Many have still to get aid.  The Department of San Marcos was hard hit with over 5,000 homes destroyed. In Guatemala more than 390,000 homes were damaged.


I have heard of these groups, and am in touch with many, but not all of them.  I know they work in the areas of Lake Atitlan and other parts of Guatemala hardest hit by the floods. If you know of others please let me know at lynn@terraexperience.com .

Maya Traditions:  http://www.mayatraditions.com/ This is a fair trade wholesaler that works with several women's groups around Lake Atitlan.  I just heard from Jane Mintz (read her email here) understand that several of the women that work with them lost children and had their homes destroyed. They are trying to find housing immediately for 10 families & others.   They don't have anything on their web site yet - but here is information on how to help .
La Casa de Luz, Clinica Maya --  http://www.terraexperience.com/Medical_Needs.htm  Just heard from Cindy Waterman who runs the Clinica Maya  and is working with other medical clinics around Lake Atitlan. They will be shipping a container of medical, school and other supplies down in early November and have a list of items they & others need. For  medial needs list & how to donate click (on Terra Experience web site because they don't have capability to update the Clinic Website at this time)  A critical need also is to replace the San Marcos water supply that was destroyed by the hurricane. 
Hospitalito Atitlan: http://www.puebloapueblo.org/index.html ; Good information on what is happening and needed on their web site! A group that has been working to rebuild a hospital in Santiago Atitlan. They had just gotten it up and running this past year, but it was badly damaged by the mudslide.  They are now dealing with the injured and will have to figure out options for  restoring or rebuilding the hospital in the future. Its easy to donate on-line and they have interesting pictures.  http://www.puebloapueblo.org/donate.html

Lake Atitlan Environmental Protection Society- ProLago   http://www.prolagoatitlan.org  or, if down,  http://www.worldlakes.org/lakedetails.asp?lakeid=8522   --- Lake Atitlan is an incredible  gem.  Most of  the environmental protection infrastructure (drinking water, sewage treatment plants, recycling facilities...) were destroyed or heavily damaged in a country that doesn't have much to begin with..most had been built with international and grass roots help)  I have donated in the past and again today to ProLago, a non-profit grass roots organization with good community ties. If you donate to the international lakes organization their web site is linked to - be sure to say for Lake Attitlan.

Casa Guatemala - http://www.casaguatemala.org/  A Chicago based group  that has efforts underway to help areas in Guatemala, many off the main tourist areas, where many people's lives were also severely affected by floods & mud.  Casa Guatemala is an independent, not-for-profit, community-based organization that has long served the Guatemalan as well as the Latin American community, in Chicago and the Midwest. Since its inception in 1986, Casa Guatemala has sought to create community for Guatemalans and Latin Americans who have migrated to this country in search of a safe haven from political turmoil, war and economic downturns.
Sharing the Dream --- http://www.sharingthedream.org/default.htm--- Sharing the Dream in Guatemala is a project that promotes fair trade with cooperatives and small businesses in Guatemala. They are committed to providing fair wages and employment opportunities to low-income artisans.  They are directly working with groups in Santiago Atitlan Area and are organizing an effort to get help down to their partner organizations. http://www.sharingthedream.org/partners.htm . They haven't been able to get their website updated, but Diane Nesselhuf has given me permission to post their email letters to friends with information on needs and how to donate.
[Letter #1, Letter #2]
NISGUA --- The Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) was formed in 1981 to coordinate local activism on Guatemala in the United States.  It was a time when many Mayans in Guatemala were being killed by government forces. NISGUA's accompaniment projects and other activities helped protect indigenous rights and make Americans aware of U.S.'s role in supporting the Guatemalan government's actions.  NISGUA is still a stronge and steady grassroots voice for responsible U.S. policy in the region. They have put together a list information about organizations accepting donations to support communities affected by hurricane Stan in Guatemala that provides a good broader list of organizations throughout Guatemala.
MayaWorks --- http://www.mayaworks.org A fair trade NPO  "MayaWorks is now accepting donations through our website and will soon post the communications we are receiving from our Guatemala staff.  We have two artisans who are sisters and have lost family, house and all belongings.  Several others have lost house and all belongings.  All in the Panabaj area" from Kathleen Morkert
MayaWorks Executive Director

Friendship Bridge ---  http://www.friendshipbridge.org --- (A group that provides microcredit loans in Santiago Atitlan area). "Friendship Bridge and the people of Guatemala need your help now more than ever.  Hurricane Stan and a torrential rainy season have wreaked havoc on communities all over Guatemala.  Mudslides and massive flooding are currently affecting our borrowers and the families of our borrowers, as homes and lives are being swept away. 
Rights Action (Derechos en Accion) --- http://www.rightsaction.org carries out and supports community development, environment, emergency relief and human rights work in Honduras, Guatemala, Chiapas (Mexico), Haiti and elsewhere. For more information, www.rightsaction.org.
New Ulm Parish (MN) -- has a well known Mission in San Lucus Toliman a village on Lake Atitlan - This is a letter from Father Greg to the parish giving an overview of the flood in the area-http://www.dnu.org/guatemalanmudslides10-05.pdf . For more information their overall activities check out http://www.dnu.org/service/sanlucas.html and http://www.sanlucasmission.com/Home.htm
Madison Wisconsin --- A bunch of us in Madison with Guatemala ties are meeting to figure out ways to raise money for  Guatemalans whose lives have been hurt by the the floods and mudslides. If you are interested contact  Mario Garcia Sierra at sierrajm79@hotmail.com  or me Lynn Persson at lynn@terraexperience.com for more information and to get involved. One option being considered is a fun benefit dinner with good Guatemalan food and music and fun.  Hold Saturday, Nov 19th on your calendar. 

We have also just set up a list serve for people in Madison http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MadisonGuatemala/ This is a group of people that live in the Madison Wisconsin area and have a common interest in Guatemala, its people and issues. We initially got together in October 2005 to coordinate our activities to help our friends in Guatemala who were affected by the floods and mudslides associated with Hurricane Stan

Also Terra Experience will selling be Divine Chocolate bars at all events and at Stony Hill Antiques, 2140 Regent St, Madison, WI ,this fall (sorry we can't mail).  All profit from these sales will go to Guatemala hurricane relief & rebuilding.  They are delicious and fair trade. If you would like to do similar in your community check out Divine's web site at Divine Chocolate.  We also have put together a web page of information and options to help:


Medical Supply Needs (new ---separate page)

If you have additions or corrections to this list - please contact lynn@terraexperience.com

Last updated 07/06/2014


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