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 Your Source for Hand-woven Ethnic Doll Cloth that fit American Girl�    
 and other beautiful fair trade products from Guatemala
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Doll Skirts --- Traditional Mayan Corte  
These skirts are designed to fit 18 inch dolls such as American Girl.  Most of the fabric for these skirts is woven on a treadle loom.   Some have a complicated jaspe or  ikat pattern.  Each piece is handmade and thus somewhat unique.   Colors, weaving, embroidery patterns, and size will vary somewhat and supplies of some cortes may be limited.   Belts are not included unless noted.  Belts can be ordered separately as an accessory. 

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Guatemala Village --- Description of Skirt Price Product
Amaloga_corte_scanned.JPG (89668 bytes) Almalonga Skirt --- Several beautiful shades of blue with a jaspe (ikat) design. $10.00


11fd.JPG (54023 bytes) Chichicastenango Corte---  Skirts from Chichi come in black or blue designs. 


10d2.JPG (55370 bytes) Zunil Corte ---  A fun colorful striped skirt  $10.00


  Black and White Stripe  ---  . $10.00

out of stock

San_Antonio_Corte_scanned_blue.JPG (47356 bytes)

San Antonio Caliente Corte 3 colors scanned.JPG (84182 bytes)

San Antonio Aguas Caliente ---  We have wonderful diversity of skirts that are made of the material favored by woman from San Antonio Aguas Caliente.  These treadle-loomed materials are worn routinely by many women from other villages as well.  Click on the picture to see the range of skirt materials available. c39.JPG (40244 bytes) $10.00 blue 

$10.00 pink



Santa Catarina Polopo corte.JPG (9124 bytes)

Santa Catarina Palopo Corte ---  In Santa Catarina women wear skirts that have many wonderful shades of blue often with purple or green accents and black and white jaspe (ikat) designs.  They look really good with the blue Huipil from the village.  The cloth is beautiful, but tends to break the sewing machine needles of the Guatemalan woman who sews these doll skirts - so I pay a bit more for them.

fb0.JPG (74463 bytes)


11f6.JPG (68289 bytes)
Santiago Atitlan corte.JPG (11870 bytes) Santiago Atitlan Corte --- Many of the women of Santiago Atitlan wear a beautiful red skirt with jaspe (ikat) white and black vertical stripes. $10.00 
Solola corte2.JPG (8980 bytes) Solola Corte ---  The skirt from the Solola area of Guatemala is blue or black with varied vertical stripes often with a ikat design. $10.00

out of stock

corte_mixta_blue&grey.JPG (98952 bytes) Jaspe Corte --- Many women buy  commercially treadle-loomed material such as this and make them into skirts. They have a jaspe (ikat) design and have shades of gray and blue, and gray and light blue. $10.00 
11fb.JPG (40849 bytes)
Azule corte.JPG (4474 bytes) Morga Skirt --- Many Mayan villages traditionally wore rich blue skirts that were made with indigo dyes and called "Morgas".   Today they continue to wear blue skirts, but they are made with commercial dyes and the material is woven on a treadle loom.  These skirts look great with huipils from many villages, and are found traditionally in Todos Santos, San Antonio Polopo,   $7.50 


Azul corte with ronda.JPG (5345 bytes) Morga Skirt with Randa --- The traditional blue skirt or "morga"  in many villages is decorated by an embroidered hem called a "randa". These look great with many huipils and are found traditionally in Nahuala, Panajacel.  $12.50 

*Our Guarantee: We want you to be completely satisfied with our products.   If you are not, notify us within 30 days and return the item.  Depending on your choice we will refund your money (minus original cost of shipping) or give you a credit on another item.

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