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 Your Source for Hand-woven Ethnic Doll Cloth that fit American Girl    
 and other beautiful fair trade products from Guatemala
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Doll Blouses --- Traditional Mayan Huipils   These are hand-made and hand-woven blouses designed to fit 18 inch dolls such as American Girl.  Each piece is unique.   Thus colors, weaving, embroidery patterns, and size will vary and supplies of some huipils may be limited.  Please check for availability.  The huipils (blouses) are primarily hand-woven to size on a back-strap loom or pieced together from older hand-woven huipils.  We guarantee satisfaction.

Click on Picture for   more detail arrows3.jpg (13778 bytes)

Guatemala Village --- Description of Blouse Price     Product #
san_antonio_aguas_caliente_traje_G_full26.JPG (26580 bytes) Amolonga Huipil---  Amalonga huipils have bold, colorful geometric designs (click on picture to see more).  This style is pieced from an older huipil. $15.00

Amaloga_huipil_A.JPG (83379 bytes)
Chichi_huipil_F.JPG (31408 bytes) Chichicastenango Huipil---  Chichicastenango's (or Chichi's) weavings are well known because of its major biweekly market that attracts people from around the world.  The weavings are colorful and usually include geometric and/or flowers woven into the fabric.  Click on the picture to check out  the variety of huipils from this village.  This style is pieced from an older huipil. $18.00


coban summer outfit.JPG (18742 bytes) Coban Embroidered Huipil  --- this huipil has flowers and geometric designs hand-embroidered on machine-made cloth. Its of a style commonly worn by small babies. Colors and embroidery design vary from one blouse to another.  Most are white.  $15.00



coban_huipil_scan.JPG (49656 bytes)

276.JPG (63435 bytes) Coban Huipil --- Coming soon an additional style!    
blouse, multicolored mexican scanned.JPG (113750 bytes) Guatemalan Blouse --- a blouse typical of those made for tourists in Guatemala or Mexico. The blouse come in a wide variety of colors, although we have limited supplies of any one color.  $10.00
sold out
Nahuala Doll Hupile Nahuala Huipil --- hand-woven on a back-strap loom this distinctive huipil comes in red, purple or burgundy.  nahula huipils three colors scanned.JPG (118348 bytes) $18.00

  Nebaj Huipil --- Coming soon!    
cbd.JPG (41978 bytes) Panajachel Huipil --- Coming soon!

To see options & Order a6e.JPG (65607 bytes)
cd7.JPG (39606 bytes) Patzun Huipil --- The rich red material is back-strapped loomed and then embroidered with flowers or feather designs  90d.JPG (42436 bytes)
To see options & Order DC-H-PA-w1fb.JPG (75015 bytes)
q_huipil.JPG (105143 bytes) Queszaltenango Huipil --- A colorful red huipil probably made on a treadle loom $12.50

(only available for 23 inch doll)

san_antonio_aguas_caliente_huipil_A1_94.JPG (95922 bytes) San Antonio Aguas Calientes Huipil --- This village is known for its excellent weaving skills, fun colors, bright designs and geometrics. Most of the doll huipils were pieced from older huipils. A few (more expensive) were specifically woven for an 18" doll. $15.00 

san antonio pololpo Vanessa in traje.JPG (53955 bytes) San Antonio Polopo --- This stripped huipil looks  good with a blue skirt and colorful cinta (head piece).  There are several styles available.  Click on picture to see them. $15.00


San_Antonio_Polopo_scan.JPG (100058 bytes)


San_Juan_huipil_A.JPG (62437 bytes)
San Juan La Laguna Huipil --- These red Huipils were made by my friend Caterina. The red huipil with hand-embroidered neck is style that is rapidly being replaced with blouses made of commercial cloth. The embroidery is not quite as fine as I might wish.  All profits from sale of these Huipil will go to buy Caterina a pair of glasses.Glasses.wmf (10522 bytes).  Click on the pictures to get a better view. $15.00


San Juan Catrina & V.JPG (57903 bytes)

112b.JPG (38042 bytes) San Juan  and San Raimundo Sacatepequez Huipil --- Coming soon more styles  !1125.JPG (40320 bytes) $15.00

san lucius toliman hupil1.JPG (16551 bytes) San Lucas Toliman Huipil --- These huipils come in shades of blue, rose, black, red and white and other colors.   Many include animals and other figures woven into the cloth.  This style is pieced from an older huipil. $15.00

San_lucus_toliman_huipil_3_colors_scanned.JPG (33902 bytes)
san lucius toliman hupil2.JPG (18517 bytes) San Lucas Toliman Huipil --- These blouses are hand-woven on a back-strap loom by women from a woman's group sponsored by a local health clinic.  The red and white stripe is traditional for the village, although in recent times many other colors are now used (see above).  Check out the animal figures. $18.00

 115f.JPG (66667 bytes) San Martin Jilotepeque (Cakchiquel) Huipil --- This doll's blouse includes traditional "zizag" patterns with an interesting blend of lavender and other colors.  This style is pieced from an older huipil. $15.00

1160.JPG (88706 bytes)
santa catarina polopo hupil2-w.JPG (11166 bytes) Santa Catarina Palopo Huipil --- hand-woven on a back-strap loom, these huipil come in beautiful shades of blue, turquoise and greens.   Be sure to check out the picture of the women who wove many of these huipils by clicking on the picture.


Santa_Caterian_Polopo_light_blue_scan.JPG (75897 bytes)
santiago atitlan, doll clothes market scene.JPG (31153 bytes) Santiago Atitlan Huipil --- These beautiful huipils have birds and flowers hand-embroidered on the woven cloth. Each huipil is unique. Some have colorful song birds. Others have turkeys.  Others have Mayan mythical birds. The background is usually white or light blue. Click on the picture to get a close-up. Check  Doll Clothes: Santiago Atitlan  for Options DC-H-SA-w
solola hupil.JPG (15296 bytes) Solola Huipil ---  The huipils are generally mixtures of red, white, blue similar to that shown in the picture with an amazing variety of embroidered designs added to the cloth after it is woven.  This style is pieced from an older huipil. $15.00 

$18.00 with zipper 


Solola_Huipil_B.JPG (97862 bytes)
coban hupil - b.JPG (21861 bytes) Tactic Huipil   --- the Tactic areas have huipils with beautiful geometrics woven the into cloth.  Common designs represent corn (maize) and lightning.  This style is pieced from an older huipil. To see options & Order DC-H-TC-p
Techpan Huipil Scanned_49.JPG (49648 bytes) Tecpan Huipil ---  Bold zig-zags and colors are found on this huipil from Tecpan.  The style is pieced from an older huipil. $15.00

toto santos hupil.JPG (6360 bytes) Todos Santos Huipil ---   these blouses generally come in various combinations of pink, red and blue with a fine weave.  This style is pieced from an older huipil. Click on the picture to some of the styles that are available1069.JPG (35575 bytes) To see options & Order Todos_Santos_huipil_B.JPG (74757 bytes)



Our Guarantee: We want you to be completely satisfied with our products.   If you are not, notify us within 30 days and return the item.  Depending on your choice we will refund your money (minus original cost of shipping) or give you a credit on another item.

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