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Maya Arts and Crafts of Guatemala:

 Artes & Artesanias Mayas de Guatemala

Coloring Book

 Marilyn Anderson  

Age:      5 to 12  (with lots of good pictures and information that even an adult can enjoy)

Price: $6.00

Description:        A fun coloring book!!! - great for kids and adults who want to learn more about the arts and crafts that are part of the Mayan cultural traditions in Guatemala and other parts of Central America.  I was really happy to find the book when I last visited Guatemala --- it's author has lived in Guatemala and has written several good technical references.  But now she shares her wealth of knowledge and artistic skills both with Children.  Another version of this book is being prepared in 8 different Mayan languages. 

The author writes "This coloring book is intended to provide an informative guide to Guatemalan Maya arts and crafts that can help to increase young people's awareness not only of the value of crafts but also their fragility.  For young Guatemalans the hope is that they book can help them to appreciate their heritage, to value the role of arts and crafts in their culture, and help them to decide how they will sustain arts and crafts in their changing society.  For other young people, the hope is that the book can help them to better appreciate arts and crafts, to recognize the extent to which industrialization has transformed the role of crafts in their own society, and to understand the impact of such transformation on the lives of the Maya and other peoples whose societies are rapidly changing today." 

 This is a great resource for those of us that want to share the rich Mayan traditions with Children  

Key words       Guatemala; Maya, Mayan, Arts and Crafts, Coloring Book,  juvenile literature;  Weaving; Huipils, Huipiles, pottery, woodwork, basketry, Spanish    

Condition:  New soft back Coloring Book, 

 ³Artes Y Artesanias Mayas de Guatemala/Maya Arts and Crafts of Guatemala; Marilyn Anderon, Yax Te' Foundation, CA, 34pp (2000)

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